Building the Trust with TrustPilot and Finimize

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It is time to do the right thing! But don’t be alarmed, we just need a little help 😉

Do you remember the time when it all started? We all gathered our intel about crypto from the dustiest corners of the internet, before the outbreak just a fraction of people knew about Bitcoin and even fraction of that used it.

Review on TrustPilot
Review on TrustPilot

During these times we helped to form our part of the whole thing, with what is now Coinmate, we tried to bring you the best crypto exchange experience we can. And even though stumbling sometimes, we hope you are still as satisfied, as you all were when we got here.

It felt almost like a family then. We hold in our dearest memory the moments when upon releasing an update, we got spontaneous messages full of thanks and appreciation. Not whining here, it is obvious that growing larger means being more uptight, less family-like, but also better each day. And that we are less likely to be cheered for adding new trading pair, but man, we still want your likes 🙂 Who doesn’t, right?

Trustpilot Review - Frank
Trustpilot Review – Frank

Whole Coinmate is grateful for each “thank you” we get from you, and there is a lot of this goodness every day. As you most probably know, there are also services, that let you express these feelings publicly. If you’d feel the nice warm feeling sometimes, please give us few moments and keystrokes here on Trustpilot or Finimize.

It would be greatly appreciated, as our whole team gets a nice pat on our heads for each positive one 🙂

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