CoinMate Survey Prizes Drawn – Did you win?

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So ahead of the slightly delayed (due to real life family holidays for the team) 1.2, which is in the final stages of testing. If you’re following us on Twitter @CoinMateBT we’ve put out some previews here and here. But in June, we ran a survey of traders using that definitely will address some of the issues, wants and needs people have, as well as some great new ways such as “Sofort” to deposit funds into your bitcoin exchange account quickly from European bank accounts.

Part of this survey was $50 in vouchers, so this blog post outlines the winners. So after filtering out the bot responses, we had our list of eligible trader id’s. We stuck these into notepad, and put them into this handy tool, drawing our third prize winner, so CoinMate_3334 will be getting $10. We took that out of the list, and repeated the process, drawing Maple, who wins $15 and repeated the process a third time, which drew Goldux who gets $25.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who responded, and you’ve given us a lot of honest feedback, which our development and support team will be factoring into the future of CoinMate.


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