Bitcoin for Easter?!


We are a crypto exchange and a trading platform, frankly, you couldn’t have expected any other headline, right? 

We actually thought about writing an article on festivity, joyous springtime and the recent crypto bull run. But why should we bore you with such old news?  Even in case you are not very familiar with crypto, you must have had an encounter with an article about a new bitcoin high.

Everyone speculating endlessly about, if this is even possible? And if so, how many possible futures there are, grim or bright. Pick a side, whether you want to trust this growth or not, whether you are riding this wave or still just considering it, we still can’t predict the future with hundred percent certainty. But what we can, is to look into the past. 

So let us take you on a journey through space and time, to the very first moment, when Bitcoin costs just a fraction of a dollar. Wait, what? Space and time? Seriously? You’re absolutely right! It was just a few years ago. There are even web-based tools ready to tell you how much you could have had if you invested a few bucks back then, like the Bitcoin FOMO calculator.

But don’t be hard on yourself, many of us did not invest a dime, many sold their assets prematurely so to speak. And from a very strict point of view, each and every such sale was premature up to now. It’s hard not to pose as some kind of smart-ass here, but to be honest, it seems like it was one of the best investment or saving opportunities there is for many people. And with today’s trend, it seems that it still is.

Can we get to the point already?! Of course, the one and only point there is – why not to start now? Giving yourself a small present, or endowing your close ones with a fraction of crypto of your choice could be a much wiser option than many usual ways when it comes to picking up a gift. Let’s compare it with a lottery ticket. Spending a few bucks, having a short thrill, being awarded with the probability of one to millions. On the other hand, there is this possibility of getting a fraction of Bitcoin or any other crypto. Taking recent history into account, the probability of failure is the same as the one of winning the main lottery prize. The sooner the buy took place, the higher the price is.

Do we have a point here? I bet we do, millions to one!

Just to make it clear, imagine that you would have received €20 worth of bitcoin for the past four years since your grandma found out about crypto and decided to give you bitcoin instead of easter eggs. Here is the outcome:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have almost €1,500 instead of €100?