Fast EUR Withdrawals to Revolut

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Withdrawals in EUR are now fully active on Coinmate. You can withdraw funds from your Coinmate account balance to any bank account in your name within the European Union. Simply go to menu Funds – Withdrawal and select the SEPA EUR payment.

If you have a Revolut prepaid card, the transfer is especially fast. In your Revolut app choose EUR currency on the home page and tap on the European flag. The GB IBAN number of your Revolut account will appear (the account owner is your name).

Funds will be available on your Revolut prepaid card on the same business day when withdrawing EUR from Coinmate to your Revolut. So if you need to withdraw some earnings from your crypto trading fast, Revolut is your best option.

Revolut app
Revolut app

If you don’t have your Revolut yet, it’s easy to get one. Simply download the Revolut app on your mobile phone and complete the required steps to activate your account. Revolut has no monthly fees.

And if you pay in currencies other than EUR, Revolut offers the best exchange rates with very tight spreads. You can use your Revolut card to withdraw cash from ATMs or pay in stores or online in any currency and anywhere in the world.

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