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Welcome to Coinmate, either this is your first cryptocurrency exchange, or you are experienced user, either way, it would be nice to give you a few hints on how to start here. All such sites have their specific procedures and sets of rules. Wanting to be as welcoming as possible we decided to provide you with articles containing basic information about trading, verification, security, and other essentials not only regarding Coinmate, but the crypto world in general.

There is nothing outrageous, it is a standard procedure.

So, you are all set and ready to get your account established on Coinmate? Great, we are happy to welcome you here. First few steps will be the verification of your account. Providing us the essential information about your identity will allow you to transfer FIAT money to and from your account, eventually to rise transaction limits. Why do we make such a fuss about it?


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Well, as unfortunate it may seem, we are also bound to AML laws directing us to obtain info about our clients and check their identity, bank accounts, and other required information. On the other hand, complying with all such laws makes Coinmate a reliable partner for partner banks and legal institutions. Quite an important feat in today’s crypto world, becoming legally tighter and tighter. By avoiding any interference with connected services and legal institutions, we keep also your Coinmate experience seamless and fund safe.


From either phone or your computer.

And what are these verification requirements? Nothing unusual really. After registering, we need you to fill in your basic info like name, address, phone number. Please pay good attention here, since this info is connected to further verification processes. After completing this step, you are welcome to enter the crypto world, by going through video verification with our operators from IDnow.

It is possible to complete it on PC with a webcam and microphone or by a smartphone app. Why do we use such a complicated service to verify your ID instead of just checking scanned documents? This one is also pretty simple in the end. It is much harder to fake all the security measures on IDs and to fake your identity when talking to a live person. By using this service, we are creating as healthy exchange environment as possible and also protecting the whole thing from being periodically sweeped by police or financial institutions. Making it more stable and safe for your money too.


Are you verified already? Great!

Now you can start to deposit and receive funds.

It would be great to push the verification even one step further and upload your bank account statement. It can be a printout from your internet banking for example, containing your full name, account number and transaction history. By verifying that one, we can let you deposit and withdraw even more FIAT money. Sometimes, we have to request it from your side to confirm some of your transactions. Therefore uploading it beforehand, you’ll make sure your money will not be delayed by any such request.


And naturally, there are more levels of verification, but let’s talk about these next time, so you can get into getting to know our exchange, we hope it will be great and pleasurable experience.

Stay tuned for more to this and other themes to come.