The History of Cryptocurrency l

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Cryptocurrency and its short history

Rarely does a day go by when the word “cryptocurrency” doesn’t appear in the news. Nowadays its popularity is rising among private investors, companies and even governments. But although this mysterious concept has been around for some time now, many people do not know anything about the history of cryptocurrency. How did it all start and who was the founder of this decentralised and complex system? Find the answers below in this article. 

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Bitcoin vs. Altcoins – What is the difference?

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Dear Coinmates,

welcome back to our blog. Today, we’ll look a little bit more into cryptocurrency trivia. As you all know, there are many cryptocurrencies on the market nowadays. Crypto world now counts hundreds of different blockchains.

New tokens are developed almost daily and it is already years past the time that there was just Bitcoin. You can now buy and trade many different coins with various specifics. Today, we prepared this short text for those of you who wonder what are these differences and how to get advantage of them.

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Litecoin trading LTC/EUR and LTC/CZK begins

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWe are happy to announce new trading pairs LTC/EUR and LTC/CZK to be introduced this week. The deployment will require about a 10 minute system downtime on Thursday 24th May 10pm CET. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience the unavailability may cause you.


High and low priority Bitcoin withdrawal

We have become one of the first crypto exchanges to deploy dynamic bitcoin withdrawal fees, giving you the option to choose between a fast and economical bitcoin fee.

Bitcoin fees are now updated several times a day based on the bitcoin network situation. High priority withdrawals are processed within a few minutes and confirmed as soon as possible. Economical withdrawals are processed in hourly batches and targeted to be confirmed within 3 blocks. You can also choose between the 2 bitcoin withdrawal types when using our API.


What’s next?

We are expanding our team with additional developers as we plan to onboard new cryptocurrencies (Dash, Ethereum and Ripple). We are also very close to introducing a new competitive trading fee model. Stay tuned.

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Bitcoin Exchange Coinmate supports instant deposits from 13 Czech Banks

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWe are happy to announce, that is the first Bitcoin Exchange portal enabling instantinious bank deposit from 13 supported banks in the Czech republic.

Deposits are credited 24hours/day and cost is only 1.5%. Deposits are credited also on Weekends at any time.

List of supported banks:

GE Money



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