ETH London Upgrade hard fork

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Dear Coinmates,

As one of the major Ethereum upgrade is about to be implemented in the upcoming hours, we’d like to sum up for you the important features of the update. Additionally, ETH and DAI transactions to and from Coinmate are going to be suspended for a while to keep your funds secure. Processing payments during the update can eventually result in loss of the funds.

The so-called London Upgrade will take place at approximately 14:16 GMT on the 5th of August.

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The History of Cryptocurrency l

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Cryptocurrency and its short history

Rarely does a day go by when the word “cryptocurrency” doesn’t appear in the news. Nowadays its popularity is rising among private investors, companies and even governments. But although this mysterious concept has been around for some time now, many people do not know anything about the history of cryptocurrency. How did it all start and who was the founder of this decentralised and complex system? Find the answers below in this article. 

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