Everything you need to know about fees on Coinmate.io


Nice to see you back on our blog! Happy that you want to know some more about Coinmate. Today, we are going to share some things about our fee policy. You found out how to trade the last time, so now it is the best time to find out how our fees apply and how to get them as low as possible. And we are pretty proud to tell you, that you can even get them to minus values. These are not even fees anymore, are they?

Deposit and withdrawal fees

We implement many types of deposit and withdrawal options. The fees there are deduced depending on the receiving banks or services. As you can see, there are economic and fast options on the other side. As we strive to give you as wide variety as possible for all types of trading strategies. You can use SEPA payments, that take longer to process, but are cheap and large amounts of money can be transferred.

On the other side, if you are rather into fast operation, you can use Sofort. Even though for smaller amounts of money, you can get them on your Coinmate balance lightning fast. And we even added credit card payments, for maximum convenience when you don’t want to use bank transfer.

But how about trading? What are the Maker and Taker fees?

The trading fees are deduced based on two factors. First of them is the Maker/Taker type of the order. These are pretty old trading standards, favoring those traders who create liquidity on the exchange.

In even simpler words, if you place an order that remains on the exchange, you are creating liquidity (you are Maker), on the other side, when you create one that is processed immediately, the liquidity decreases (Taker orders). As all the exchanges, we favor the first type of orders by lower trading fees.

The second factor is the monthly trading amount. As you can see in the fee table, the more you trade, the lower the fees get. As announced, you can even get the fees back when trading in high volumes.

And there is one extra perk on Coinmate regarding fees. We provide promotional ones on trading BCH, so if you are interested in any of its trading pairs, the fee policy there is way more pleasant.

Hope you are a little bit wiser again, thank you for bearing with us, stay tuned for more.