Results | January giveaway

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Dear clients, we are happy to announce that we rewarded our top 10 highest volume traders. The total amount for January’s giveaway is 747.1 USD. is the first and only Bitcoin trading portal that provides a share of collected trading fees to its clients. The higher volumes we process the higher rewards we share.

Rank Nickname Total Reward
1. Coinmate_LQ 149.42 USD
2. CoinMate_2471 104.59 USD
3. CoinMate_1293 74.71 USD
4. CoinMate_1346 59.77 USD
5. CM 59.77 USD
6. CoinMate_1119 59.77 USD
7. CoinMate_1329 59.77 USD
8. Goldux 59.77 USD
9. Dr. Housek 59.77 USD
10. CoinMate_1027 59.77 USD

The first best trader received 20% share, 2nd 14% share, 3rd 10% and 4th-10th 8% each.

Next round ends on 28.2.2015 and we expect even larger amounts. Qualify within the top 10 traders and get awesome rewards.
Your CoinMate team

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