Detailed release announcement – COINMATE

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Here we are again, as promised. Last week we released a new version of Coinmate, loaded with extra features. The announcement was positive, but not very detailed, so here is a follow-up with all the extra info you’d hopefully like to see.

Also, as always, I can tell you we are pretty excited about what we are presenting here. All based on the feedback we got from you. So please, keep it coming by staying in touch, future releases will be even more fitting to your needs and requirements.

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How to verify yourself on

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Welcome to Coinmate, either this is your first cryptocurrency exchange, or you are experienced user, either way, it would be nice to give you a few hints on how to start here. All such sites have their specific procedures and sets of rules. Wanting to be as welcoming as possible we decided to provide you with articles containing basic information about trading, verification, security, and other essentials not only regarding Coinmate, but the crypto world in general.

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Building the Trust with TrustPilot and Finimize

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It is time to do the right thing! But don’t be alarmed, we just need a little help 😉

Do you remember the time when it all started? We all gathered our intel about crypto from the dustiest corners of the internet, before the outbreak just a fraction of people knew about Bitcoin and even fraction of that used it.

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New release announcement!

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Dearest clients, it is time for confetti and champagne! We are celebrating new Coinmate release and hoping you’ll be happy to join. We have quite a lot of new features for you, so consider this article as a sheer cheer-up, a more detailed text is already being prepared. We will describe it all in a much more complex way, but for now, let’s toast to the news we have for you.

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DAI stablecoin

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Project basic information

Issue Time:–
Total Supply:–
Circulation :996 010 000
White paper:
Block Explorer:–

Project Introduction

Dai is a crypto-backed stablecoin that seeks to maintain a soft peg with the U.S. dollar.

Dai was first described in a white paper published in December, 2017. Dai is a decentralized, crypto-collateralized stablecoin that aims to maintain a stable value relative to the U.S. dollar. It was developed by MakerDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO, and runs on the Maker Protocol , a system of smart contracts that algorithmically maintains Dai’s soft peg. MakerDao built Dai to be used as a global medium of exchange and to promote economic freedom and opportunity in the world.

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