Be the first from your country to withdraw or deposit cash to CoinMate with MoneyPolo – win €20 voucher

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To celebrate our recent integration with MoneyPolo, here at the Bitcoin Exchange, we thought we’d like to run a promotion.

Starting 3rd August, we will start a promotion to help test the function, and get some feedback on how easy it is to exchange cash for bitcoin using their payment process. So to participate, you need to do the following.

Pre-requisite is to have a verified MoneyPolo account & already. You can do a basic verification to enable MoneyPolo on your account by verifying your details. You can deposit and withdraw in your local currency, but deposits and withdrawals will be transacted in EUR, using the MoneyPolo exchange rate.

If cash -> bitcoin

* Deposit cash to your MoneyPolo account, and take a photograph of the store, and receipt. You can find a local MoneyPolo outlet here.
* Deposit funds to your account, via the Finances page using MoneyPolo.
* Then send an email to us via the support page, attaching the two photographs.

If bitcoin -> cash

* Sell Bitcoin on your account.
* Withdraw to your MoneyPolo account using the Finances page
* When getting cash, take a photograph of the store, and receipt. You can find a local MoneyPolo outlet here.
* Then send an email to us via the support page, attaching the two photographs.

We will run a draw every week, and the first person from a new country to deposit or withdraw who does meeting the criteria specified, will have €20 credited to their account, and will be announced in a blog post.

One entry per individual, regardless of how many accounts you have. Current countries already tested (and therefore not included) will be published every week. But to start with, every country is eligible 🙂 So be the first to make a MoneyPolo deposit or withdraw to cash in your country.

Note: If we publish images related to your transaction, these will have sensitive information blacked out. Feel free to black them out before you send them in.

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