Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutesCheers Coinmates,

All week we’ve been on a high after the Hacker’s Congress Paralelni Polis (HCPP2018).

We’re proud to be a partner and thank everyone who visited our stand and agreed to wear our t-shirts. It was incredible to meet our Coinmates in person and listen to your feedback. We take on board your ideas – additional currencies are on the way.


Thank you for your positive interaction with Coinmate, it genuinely warms our hearts!


The congress is unique in our community. Art, political activism, liberation through technology, as well as business, all come together. But most of all, the atmosphere of intimacy and openness in an illustrious venue brings out ideas that benefit our whole community and, hopefully, the world.


Lastly, thank you to those who organised and contributed, from vegan food and crypto payments, to music and thoughtful discussion in the youtube studio – we observed and appreciated the massive amounts of work the organisers and volunteers put in from morning till night.




Each year, HCPP tickets are sold out months in advance – don’t miss it. We’ll see you next year.

Find more photos on our Fb page.


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Hackers’ Congress 2018. Voucher for ONE MONTH FREE TRADING T&Cs

Reading Time: < 1 minuteWelcome,

Thank you for your interest to Coinmate Crypto Exchange, one of the oldest and most reliable exchanges in Europe. Here are the terms and conditions for the FREE TRADING VOUCHER you received at the Hackers Congress 2018.

IMG_2770 copy

  1. The free trading voucher is a gift, especially for you. It cannot be given to another person. If they want one – please send them over to our booth and we’ll oblige.
  1. The promotional code on this voucher will allow you to trade without incurring trading fees for 30 days.
  1. This voucher and promotional code are valid until 31st December 2018.
  1. This promotion is for newbies and only valid for newly created Coinmate.io accounts (accounts created on 5.10.18 and later).
  2. This voucher covers trading fees. It does not cover any other fees, such as deposit or withdrawal fees.
  1. Your free 30 days of trading will start on successful confirmation by our support team. Remember, just register an account and communicate your code via the internal support page.
  1. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. We’d love to see you. Please visit our booth and talk to us.
  2. Alternatively you can contact [email protected], or visit us on our Facebook page.

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[Updated] CoinMate.io 50% share of fees referral program

Reading Time: < 1 minuteDid you know CoinMate.io also has a bitcoin affiliate program we’d like to make you aware of. Why spend hours trying to get tiny amounts of free bitcoin from bitcoin faucets, when you can earn free bitcoin by promoting our exchange, based in Europe, and registered in the United Kingdom. Note: CoinMate.io does not open accounts for US Citizens.

If you visit the Referrals section of your account page, you will find your unique referral URL in the format of https://coinmate.io/home?referral=uniquestring. You can promote CoinMate.io in a variety of manners, such as articles, blog posts, forum signature links, and so on. We can also generate banners on request. Please don’t spam links across social media, but do feel free to share this among your personal network or relevant social media groups you participate in. You can even generate a QR code using one of the many free tools there, save it on your phone and get people to sign up in person.

We have pretty simple program terms. CoinMate.io charges a fee on each bitcoin trade using a maker (0.05%) and taker (0.35%) model. For each of your referred users, you will receive 50% of this into your CoinMate.io account for all trades conducted by your referrals, for six months from their date of registration.

Prohibited traffic:

Self referral, Bots, Spam, Darknet traffic. Links on sites featuring goods and services illegal in Europe. 

Allowed traffic:

Personal link exchange, forum signatures, banners on websites, links in internet café’s, text links, blog posts, articles, bitcoin faucets, referral links in bitcoin ad networks, and other above board methods of traffic generation

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