Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis 2018

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Cheers Coinmates,

All week we’ve been on a high after the Hacker’s Congress Paralelni Polis (HCPP2018).

We’re proud to be a partner and thank everyone who visited our stand and agreed to wear our t-shirts. It was incredible to meet our Coinmates in person and listen to your feedback. We take on board your ideas – additional currencies are on the way.


Thank you for your positive interaction with Coinmate, it genuinely warms our hearts!


The congress is unique in our community. Art, political activism, liberation through technology, as well as business, all come together. But most of all, the atmosphere of intimacy and openness in an illustrious venue brings out ideas that benefit our whole community and, hopefully, the world.


Lastly, thank you to those who organised and contributed, from vegan food and crypto payments, to music and thoughtful discussion in the youtube studio – we observed and appreciated the massive amounts of work the organisers and volunteers put in from morning till night.




Each year, HCPP tickets are sold out months in advance – don’t miss it. We’ll see you next year.

Find more photos on our Fb page.


Regards, Coinmate team

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Hackers’ Congress 2018. Voucher for ONE MONTH FREE TRADING T&Cs

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Thank you for your interest to Coinmate Crypto Exchange, one of the oldest and most reliable exchanges in Europe. Here are the terms and conditions for the FREE TRADING VOUCHER you received at the Hackers Congress 2018.

IMG_2770 copy

  1. The free trading voucher is a gift, especially for you. It cannot be given to another person. If they want one – please send them over to our booth and we’ll oblige.
  1. The promotional code on this voucher will allow you to trade without incurring trading fees for 30 days.
  1. This voucher and promotional code are valid until 31st December 2018.
  1. This promotion is for newbies and only valid for newly created Coinmate.io accounts (accounts created on 5.10.18 and later).
  2. This voucher covers trading fees. It does not cover any other fees, such as deposit or withdrawal fees.
  1. Your free 30 days of trading will start on successful confirmation by our support team. Remember, just register an account and communicate your code via the internal support page.
  1. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. We’d love to see you. Please visit our booth and talk to us.
  2. Alternatively you can contact [email protected], or visit us on our Facebook page.


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Coinmate is a partner of HCPP 2018

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Great news this week.

We’re at the Institute of Cryptoanarchy Hacker’s Congress, Paralelni Polis, in beautiful Prague (5th – 7th October).


It’s a massively popular event, with all tickets sold out three months ago.

Coinmate is glad to play its part to support our industry by being a main sponsor there. If you didn’t manage to get tickets, you can stream it live, including one of our Coinmate speakers.

If you will be there, then be sure to visit Coinmate at our stand. We’ve got some wonderful surprises for both new and existing clients.

But most of all we’d love to see you and have a chat.

Coinmate team

Congress website: https://neworder.hcpp.cz/

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SOFORT and Mastercard payment transfers

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Dear Coinmates,

SOFORT payment transfer has been added and is now available for traders in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. The fees for using this payment method are an extremely low 1.5%.

Coinmate Account Deposit Options


SOFORT is a secure system with instant payment transfer capabilities. Those traders who are located in countries that support SOFORT should find it very convenient.


Additionally, we have enabled Mastercard payment options for all of our European clients. Coinmate fees for funding your account with Mastercard are among the best the market has to offer, and range from between 3.8% and 3.98%. You can find out more on our fees page.


Visa card payments will also be accepted in the very near future. Our Visa payment method is already in the test environment and should be available for clients very soon.

Regards, Coinmate team

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Currency pairs BCH/EUR and BCH/CZK added

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Dear Coinmates,

Two currency pairs – Bitcoin Cash/Euro (BCH/EUR) and Bitcoin Cash/Czech Koruna (BCH/CZK), have been added to the exchange. Buying and selling Bitcoin Cash will have reduced fees until the end of the year.

Coinmate is committed to improving our services long-term, and to support positive developments in the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. New currencies and more enhancements will be added in the near future.

Best regards,

Coinmate team

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Press coverage August 2018

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Cheers, Coinmates!

Here’s a bit of press coverage about us – on the subject of our new negative fees.

A big thank you to the media who published.

Regards, Coinmate team







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Coinmate.io pays traders to trade. Our new fees

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Dear client,

Coinmate is pleased to offer you negative fees of 0.05 per cent if your trading volume hits over three million euros over a monthly period.

This is not a gimmick or a special offer. It is now our standard policy. We believe this is a world first among crypto exchanges. We’ve always been proud of our low fees and would like to show you how we compare with other exchanges.

Standard fee comparison among exchanges

Coinmate 0.25% 0.12%
Kraken 0.26% 0.16%
GDAX 0.30% 0.00%
Bitstamp 0.25% 0.25%

If you hit the magic three million euros monthly trading volume, then we will provide you with a 0.06% ‘taker’ and  -0.05% ‘maker’ fee. Yes that’s right – we will pay you for your ‘maker’ trades.

Take a look how this compares with other exchanges:

Fee comparison on three million euros trading volume

Coinmate 0.06% – 0.05%
Kraken 0.14% 0.04%
GDAX 0.30% 0.00%
Bitstamp 0.12% 0.12%

We hope you will benefit from these changes. If you want more detailed information, please have a look at the fees page on our site.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 14.38.59

Lowering fees,

Your Coinmate.io team

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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016 from CoinMate

Happy Christmas & New Years from CoinMate.io
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Happy Christmas & New Years from CoinMate.io
Happy Christmas & New Years from CoinMate.io

2015 has been a great year for CoinMate thanks to our thousands of customers who’ve joined our exchange over the past year. We’re a year and a half since we announced our existence, and just over a year since we began testing the exchange. This built on us completing the Starcube.cz Acceleration in Czech Republic with our other bitcoin payments platform, Bitcoinpay.com, which has gone from strength to strength, including our recent partnership with the largest Czech payments gateway, GoPay.

Since the start of 2015, we’ve had a huge amount of encouragement from the local bitcoin scene, and notable shoutouts to Slush for the new version of the mining pool, and the guys in SatoshiLabs who’ve brought a lot more security to the bitcoin scene, through their Trezor wallets. We adopted these to secure all of our client funds during the year, and haven’t looked back.

From our customers, we’ve had great engagement through our support channels, and participation in surveys throughout the year which have helped guide our development, and bring a better bitcoin exchange platform to Europe, our way. So we’d like to say a big thank you to all our customers who’ve helped us grow to now the number 9 or 10 in the Bittybot European Bitcoin exchange rankings regularly for some time now.

We also want to let you know that our support team will be keeping an eye on things, and if you do need help, please use the logged in Support link at https://coinmate.io/pages/secured/support.page .

So thank you from all the team at CoinMate.io, we hope you all have a great Christmas, and a fantastic 2016.

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Be the first from your country to withdraw or deposit cash to CoinMate with MoneyPolo – win €20 voucher

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To celebrate our recent integration with MoneyPolo, here at the CoinMate.io Bitcoin Exchange, we thought we’d like to run a promotion.

Starting 3rd August, we will start a promotion to help test the function, and get some feedback on how easy it is to exchange cash for bitcoin using their payment process. So to participate, you need to do the following.

Pre-requisite is to have a verified MoneyPolo account & CoinMate.io already. You can do a basic verification to enable MoneyPolo on your account by verifying your details. You can deposit and withdraw in your local currency, but deposits and withdrawals will be transacted in EUR, using the MoneyPolo exchange rate.

If cash -> bitcoin

* Deposit cash to your MoneyPolo account, and take a photograph of the store, and receipt. You can find a local MoneyPolo outlet here.
* Deposit funds to your CoinMate.io account, via the Finances page using MoneyPolo.
* Then send an email to us via the support page, attaching the two photographs.

If bitcoin -> cash

* Sell Bitcoin on your account.
* Withdraw to your MoneyPolo account using the Finances page
* When getting cash, take a photograph of the store, and receipt. You can find a local MoneyPolo outlet here.
* Then send an email to us via the support page, attaching the two photographs.

We will run a draw every week, and the first person from a new country to deposit or withdraw who does meeting the criteria specified, will have €20 credited to their CoinMate.io account, and will be announced in a blog post.

One entry per individual, regardless of how many accounts you have. Current countries already tested (and therefore not included) will be published every week. But to start with, every country is eligible 🙂 So be the first to make a MoneyPolo deposit or withdraw to cash in your country.

Note: If we publish images related to your transaction, these will have sensitive information blacked out. Feel free to black them out before you send them in.

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[Service Notice] Updated Fees Structure & Verification Tiers

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So a little while back, we had made some changes to the fees structure, particularly the introduction of euro deposit fees. We had hoped these would be temporary, and we have good news for those of you using Euro SEPA deposits.

With 1.2 now live, and our shift to BTC/EUR instead of BTC/USD, our new verification tiers, and recently added Moneypolo integrations, we have been able to update our fees structure. These are now available here. This impacts both our trading and withdrawal/deposit fees

Maker/Taker Model
CoinMate were the first EUR Bitcoin market using the market maker and market taker trading model. We launched on July 20th, although Kraken followed shortly after. Orders that supply liquidity to the market (“maker”) get a more favorable fee than orders that take liquidity from the market (“taker”). Our maker fee is a low 0.05%, and taker fee is 0.35%

New verification tiers
If you visit your verification page, you will be able to verify your account to different levels. Bitcoin-only trading requires just a verified email address. Trading with a supported OKPay or Moneypolo account require some information, while use of bank transfers requires identify documentation. Higher volume traders need to submit a signed declaration to high-volume limits.
Verification level Requirements Sum of Deposit + Withdrawals Exchange Operations allowed
Registered Registration 100 BTC / Month
20 BTC / Day
Only virtual currency Depo & Withdrawals
Basic Full Name
Date of Birth
Phone number
5,000 EUR / Month
1,000 EUR / Day
All deposit and withdrawal methods except bank transfers and Sofort
Verified ID or passport
Utility bill or second picture ID (driving license, passport, ID card)
Bank statement
Certificate of Incorporation (companies only)
20,000 EUR / Month
5,000 EUR / Day
All operations allowed
High value Signed Questionnaire

100,000 EUR / Month
12,500 EUR / Day
All operations allowed
Updated Deposit/Withdrawal Fees Structure
We have also been able to reduce the costs of our exchange through strengthened verification, and are passing these savings on to our customers.
Type Deposit fee Withdrawal fee
SEPA transfer in EUR 0 1 EUR
SOFORT (coming soon) 1.5% min 2 EUR n/a
Domestic bank wire in CZK 0 1 EUR
Domestic bank wire in PLN 0 1 EUR
OKPay 0.5% 1.5% min 1 EUR
MoneyPolo 0 1% min 1 EUR
Voucher 0 0.5%
Bitcoin 0 0.0001 BTC

Transfers sent in currency other than EUR will be converted using Yahoo Finance rates -+0.5% spread.

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