Be the first from your country to withdraw or deposit cash to CoinMate with MoneyPolo – win €20 voucher

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To celebrate our recent integration with MoneyPolo, here at the Bitcoin Exchange, we thought we’d like to run a promotion.

Starting 3rd August, we will start a promotion to help test the function, and get some feedback on how easy it is to exchange cash for bitcoin using their payment process. So to participate, you need to do the following.

Pre-requisite is to have a verified MoneyPolo account & already. You can do a basic verification to enable MoneyPolo on your account by verifying your details. You can deposit and withdraw in your local currency, but deposits and withdrawals will be transacted in EUR, using the MoneyPolo exchange rate.

If cash -> bitcoin

* Deposit cash to your MoneyPolo account, and take a photograph of the store, and receipt. You can find a local MoneyPolo outlet here.
* Deposit funds to your account, via the Finances page using MoneyPolo.
* Then send an email to us via the support page, attaching the two photographs.

If bitcoin -> cash

* Sell Bitcoin on your account.
* Withdraw to your MoneyPolo account using the Finances page
* When getting cash, take a photograph of the store, and receipt. You can find a local MoneyPolo outlet here.
* Then send an email to us via the support page, attaching the two photographs.

We will run a draw every week, and the first person from a new country to deposit or withdraw who does meeting the criteria specified, will have €20 credited to their account, and will be announced in a blog post.

One entry per individual, regardless of how many accounts you have. Current countries already tested (and therefore not included) will be published every week. But to start with, every country is eligible 🙂 So be the first to make a MoneyPolo deposit or withdraw to cash in your country.

Note: If we publish images related to your transaction, these will have sensitive information blacked out. Feel free to black them out before you send them in.

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[Service Notice] Updated Fees Structure & Verification Tiers

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So a little while back, we had made some changes to the fees structure, particularly the introduction of euro deposit fees. We had hoped these would be temporary, and we have good news for those of you using Euro SEPA deposits.

With 1.2 now live, and our shift to BTC/EUR instead of BTC/USD, our new verification tiers, and recently added Moneypolo integrations, we have been able to update our fees structure. These are now available here. This impacts both our trading and withdrawal/deposit fees

Maker/Taker Model
CoinMate were the first EUR Bitcoin market using the market maker and market taker trading model. We launched on July 20th, although Kraken followed shortly after. Orders that supply liquidity to the market (“maker”) get a more favorable fee than orders that take liquidity from the market (“taker”). Our maker fee is a low 0.05%, and taker fee is 0.35%

New verification tiers
If you visit your verification page, you will be able to verify your account to different levels. Bitcoin-only trading requires just a verified email address. Trading with a supported OKPay or Moneypolo account require some information, while use of bank transfers requires identify documentation. Higher volume traders need to submit a signed declaration to high-volume limits.
Verification level Requirements Sum of Deposit + Withdrawals Exchange Operations allowed
Registered Registration 100 BTC / Month
20 BTC / Day
Only virtual currency Depo & Withdrawals
Basic Full Name
Date of Birth
Phone number
5,000 EUR / Month
1,000 EUR / Day
All deposit and withdrawal methods except bank transfers and Sofort
Verified ID or passport
Utility bill or second picture ID (driving license, passport, ID card)
Bank statement
Certificate of Incorporation (companies only)
20,000 EUR / Month
5,000 EUR / Day
All operations allowed
High value Signed Questionnaire

100,000 EUR / Month
12,500 EUR / Day
All operations allowed
Updated Deposit/Withdrawal Fees Structure
We have also been able to reduce the costs of our exchange through strengthened verification, and are passing these savings on to our customers.
Type Deposit fee Withdrawal fee
SEPA transfer in EUR 0 1 EUR
SOFORT (coming soon) 1.5% min 2 EUR n/a
Domestic bank wire in CZK 0 1 EUR
Domestic bank wire in PLN 0 1 EUR
OKPay 0.5% 1.5% min 1 EUR
MoneyPolo 0 1% min 1 EUR
Voucher 0 0.5%
Bitcoin 0 0.0001 BTC

Transfers sent in currency other than EUR will be converted using Yahoo Finance rates -+0.5% spread.

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CoinMate Bitcoin Exchange Intergrates regulated payment provider Moneypolo

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Dear clients,

We are ready to announce a new partnership with leading UK regulated payment provider MoneyPolo.

MoneyPolo allows you to deposit cash in 100 countries. MoneyPolo also supports CashU deposits. Open a MoneyPolo account, load it with funds and make an instant deposit to CoinMate bitcoin exchange for free. Coinmate also provides an instant withdrawals via MoneyPolo.Click here for more info

The CoinMate Team

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CoinMate v1.2 replaces USD with EUR Bitcoin Trading

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Dear clients,

After 6 months of hard work, we are ready to announce a new version 1.2 of the bitcoin trading platform replacing the current v1.1 beta.

The new version will introduce the following:

  • Quick Buy and Sell, a new function that will let you buy or sell Bitcoin with one click
  • Maker / Taker fees (the lower maker fee 0.05% is charged when supplying liquidity into the order book and taker fee 0.35% is charged when taking existing offers from the order book) This will replace the current 0.2% flat fee
  • New language versions of the portal in German, Czech and Polish
  • New header and menu for easier navigation
  • Overview of all CoinMate trades in the trading user interface
  • Help boxes providing basic information on the various functionalities
  • New verification and KYC process introducing verification levels
  • Live Bitcoin price in the Browser title
  • Top 10 traders will be rewarded with 0% maker fee and 0.1% taker fee schedule for 30 days each month
  • New verified sign-ups will no longer receive the 1USD sign-up bonus
  • New terms for our referral program. 50% commission of maker/taker fees from referred users for 6 months from date of registration
  • Creating and redeeming vouchers will have a flat fee of 0.35%
  • Improved BTC withdrawal process, and a flat 0.0001 bitcoin transaction fee. No fees for bitcoin deposits.

The most fundamental change will be transition of the entire portal system currency from USD to EUR. This means that all balances and all transaction history will be converted into Euros using exchange rate at the time of the new version deployment at 5pm GMT Sunday 19 July 2015 (using the spot exchange rate of Yahoo finance). We will retain all transaction history in USD before we make the switch. Clients who require their USD transaction history can request it via our support team.

If you withdraw your USD account balance or convert your USD account balance into Bitcoin before this date, your account balance will not be otherwise influenced. If you will have an USD balance at the time of the transition, it will be favourably converted into EUR using the spot rate. Trading will thereafter take place using EUR/BTC exchange rates. Bitcoin balances will remain the same as before the transition.

The EUR, CZK and PLN bank Deposit and Withdrawal methods will remain intact, OKPay deposits and withdrawals will be newly processed in Euro.

During the month of August we will also introduce new funding method Sofort (instant bank deposit supported in 13 EU countries) and new instant deposit and withdrawal method MoneyPolo (MoneyPolo allows cash deposits and cash withdrawals in 150 countries of the world and offers a prepaid card) .

Please note that trading portal will be unavailable from 5pm GMT until midnight Sunday 19 July 2015 during the deployment of the new version.

We hope you will enjoy new CoinMate providing even smoother trading experience and favourable rates for speculative trading. In case you have any questions, please contact our Support.

The CoinMate Team

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$1 verification bonus promotion ends in June

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We would like to inform our customers that our $1 verification bonus promotion will end with the June update of’s Bitcoin Exchange. If you have been having fun trading bitcoin on the exchange, and would like to take the opportunity of verifying your identity to enable Euro, Czech Koruna and Polish Zloty deposits and withdrawals, please visit the Get Verified tab in your account.

We process documents in one working day, but if you contact us between 8am and 5.30pm GMT using chat support, we can often do this quicker to expedite the process for you.

We would also like to remind our clients of the top 10 BTC/USD traders giveaway. In April, $614.59 was shared among the month’s top traders. You can see the current month at the stats page.

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FacebooktwitterrssyoutubeFacebooktwitterrssyoutube launches European Bitcoin Exchange is a European Bitcoin exchange supporting euro, SEPA, czk, pln and okpay
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For Immediate Release launches European Bitcoin Exchange

UK Registered Bitcoin Exchange offers USD/Bitcoin trading,  0.2% trading fee, and free deposits and withdrawals for Euro,  Czech Koruna & Polish Zloty

15 April 2015. Confirmo Ltd, is proud to announce the public launch of the Bitcoin Exchange. It offers users in Europe and around the world banking grade security, two-factor authentication, 2 confirmation bitcoin deposits, speedy bitcoin withdrawals and a 0.2% fee on all trades. It accepts Euro, Koruna, Zloty and OKPay. allows people to quickly buy or sell bitcoins with instant orders, or set market prices to speculate on price changes. Advanced traders can access the exchange via API, and build bots to trade on the exchange. The verification process is completed in one working day, requiring photo ID and proof of address for individuals, and further registration information for those operating a company account. However, the exchange does not provide services to US citizens.

European users in the 34 SEPA countries can deposit Euro in 1-2 working days. This is converted into dollars at the time of receipt using the exchange rate plus a 0.5% spread. Withdrawals are processed twice a day, and in some cases, payments sent in the morning can hit client’s accounts on the same working day, or next day.

Developed over two years, incorporates security best practices from the finance industry. The exchange uses banking grade SSL encryption combined with two factor authentication on important actions via email or Google Authenticator. Over 95% of funds are held in cold storage in multi-sig wallets.

“We have a long experience with financial management and IS/IT development. Security is a top priority for us.” said Roman Valihrach, CEO of Confirmo. “Our sister platform came second last year in the 2014 Accelerator Program, and with that experience, we set out to make a truly user friendly exchange for bitcoin fans across Europe and beyond.” is available now at and has a $1 bonus for new accounts that complete verification until the end of May 2015. You can also follow it at .

— End Release


About is a European Bitcoin Exchange, denominated in USD. It enables buyers in the SEPA area and beyond, to quickly and easily buy, sell and trade bitcoin with a low 0.2% transaction fee and one working day identify verification. Advanced traders can use the exchange via API. It supports deposits and withdrawals in Euro, Czech Koruna, Polish Zloty and OKPay. The exchange holds 95% of client funds in multi-sig cold storage, and employs banking grade SSL, and email or Google Authenticator 2FA to give our clients peace of mind.

About Confirmo Ltd

Although Confirmo Ltd. was established in 2014, we were active in bitcoin community since we bought our first bitcoin in 2010 and then mined our first bitcoin in 2011. Our previous project Dagensia provided regulated brokerage services and prepaid debit cards. But we decided to give more to the community and so we established Bitcoin Exchange and Payment Gateway Our mission is to provide effective trading and to bring Bitcoin to the masses.

Media Contacts

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For media enquiries, or interview requests, please contact Jamie McCormick at

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