What is Ethereum 2.0? Everything about the upgrade

Ethereum 2.0 – The Roadmap Ethereum is constantly reinventing its old ways especially now that it’s transitioning to a new and improved consensus algorithm. Previously known as “Serenity”, the plan took years in the making even before Ethereum was launched in 2015 for the first time. Today, it’s more commonly known as Ethereum 2.0. 

CZK bank withdrawals enabled and unlimited CZK bank deposits

Dearest Coinmates, We have great news today! Happy to announce that it’s champagne popping time, the wait is finally over!  In cooperation with ThePay.cz we have now made it possible for all verified Coinmate accounts to make unlimited CZK bank deposits and CZK bank withdrawals. The verification limits are still in place, so you can …

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The History of Cryptocurrency l CoinMate.io

Cryptocurrency and its short history Rarely does a day go by when the word “cryptocurrency” doesn’t appear in the news. Nowadays its popularity is rising among private investors, companies and even governments. But although this mysterious concept has been around for some time now, many people do not know anything about the history of cryptocurrency. …

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Bitcoin for Easter?!

We are a crypto exchange and a trading platform, frankly, you couldn’t have expected any other headline, right?  We actually thought about writing an article on festivity, joyous springtime and the recent crypto bull run. But why should we bore you with such old news?  Even in case you are not very familiar with crypto, …

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