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The History of Cryptocurrency l

Cryptocurrency and its short history Rarely does a day go by when the word “cryptocurrency” doesn’t appear in the news. Nowadays its popularity is rising among private investors, companies and even governments. But although this mysterious concept has been around for some time now, many people do not know anything about the history of cryptocurrency. …

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What is stablecoin?

Dear Coinmates, Did you ever wonder why there isn’t any crypto that would be more stable in terms of exchange rate? Do you need some fixed value currency other than a standard FIAT asset? If so, there are stablecoins! 

Bitcoin withdrawal options – fastest in industry

Coinmates, Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal options have been separated into two streams, allowing you two ways to withdraw. There is a faster way, called “high priority” with slightly higher fees. Also a standard way, called “economy” with lower fees. High priority BTC withdrawal – this super-fast alternative is processed every seven minutes, and should allow your …

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