Coinmate API Guidelines – Automated trading


Dear Coinmates,

since we like to keep you informed about interesting features of our exchange, we decided to put up a series of articles to describe some of Coinmate’s perks.

One of these is application programming interface (API). It is well known to traders whose work is automated, but it could be a great tool for all of you. 

Do you know the feeling when you are checking your funds for a third time this afternoon and just thinking, why is the process so complicated?  Why do I have to click so many times to obtain the needed information?

The interface of Coinmate is made as simple and user friendly as possible, but you often need more rough and faster approach to access your trading information or to place orders. Here comes API. It is like a connector for your game controller, you can access all the features and receive all the data. Both the input and output could be modified by your code.


We have complete instruction manual for you.

To make the implementation as easy as possible, we put up complete APIary with examples of code and description of various functions. The functionality is practically the same as standard Coinmate user interface. You can trigger all the actions like placing orders, withdrawals, or obtaining information from exchange or order book.

To check the guide, you can find the APIary here:

You can easily connect to Coinmate and restrict API functionality.

  1. In Account -> API menu on Coinmate, find an API key generator button.
  2. Generated key is unique for each particular API connection and you can generate more of these to connect to more applications or services with different settings.
  3. We would like to ask you to be very careful here. There is an API withdrawal option which makes the owner of the API key able to process withdrawals from your Coinmate account.


! It is advised not to enable this feature unless you are 100% sure that you are providing the key to reliable service or app. If you are not sure, please leave this field always unchecked.

You can even withdraw crypto with priority fees.

Coinmate can even work similarly to a wallet app. It is standard for wallet apps to offer different types of fees depending on desired estimated time of payment confirmation. On Coinmate, you can choose the fee when withdrawing manually and well as through API.

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Please do not hesitate to contact Coinmate support if you are not sure about any API settings.  

Either it is connected to your trading bot, or just displaying exchange rate for comparison with other markets, if you implemented Coinmate API connection to your system, you are now much more agile trader than before. If not, we hope we at least brought some interesting news and got you interested in our services.

Stay tuned for more.

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