is now part of Trezor and Bitperia


You will not believe this! Well, just kidding, you most probably will, but we are pretty excited about what we are about to tell you. We got implemented into Trezor wallet!

I guess, you already know about what Trezor is. For those who don’t, it is the first hardware wallet and still one of the most popular ones. It got copied repeatedly due to its open architecture but remains ahead of the competition. We at Coinmate all use Trezors as we deeply believe in the whole project. So getting our exchange intertwined with it is, I could say, a matter of pride.

We don’t want to brag too much about it, but now you can exchange funds directly on Trezor wallet using Coinmate. Meaning that if you are both Trezor and Coinmate user already, you can skip many steps like logging in to two sites and operating them separately, you can do the exchange and trading right from your Trezor wallet.

If you’re not a Coinmate user yet, you can do the verification through the Trezor interface and try us out. And if you don’t own a Trezor yet, we think you should at least consider it. There are not many as good ways to keep your crypto and passwords safe, yes, Trezor also doubles as great password manager.


The second part of our bragging about ourselves is our partnership with Bitperia. Coinmate is trying hard to be out there for you all, part of that is being as visible as it gets, and there, we managed to make another important step. You’ll most probably know about Bitperia already, it is a great source of news from the world of crypto. And if you did not hear about it yet, it is just one click away.

Bitcoinový graf z coinmate na bitperii
Bitcoinový graf z coinmate na bitperii

It has a lot to offer, starting with educational videos, ending with recommended exchanges. And guess what, you can find Coinmate there now. We are pretty happy about being enlisted there side by side with Trezor, or Crypto Art Lab for example.


So that’s it for now, I just wish you saw our happy faces, hope those good news will make your day too, and we’ll bring more of them in near future.