CZK bank withdrawals enabled and unlimited CZK bank deposits


Dearest Coinmates,

We have great news today! Happy to announce that it’s champagne popping time, the wait is finally over! 

In cooperation with we have now made it possible for all verified Coinmate accounts to make unlimited CZK bank deposits and CZK bank withdrawals. The verification limits are still in place, so you can deposit and withdraw CZK up to your daily and monthly verification limits.  Should you need higher limits, you can apply for them in your Coinmate account menu VERIFICATION or by clicking the “+ Increase limit” link in the deposit form.

Bank deposits through ThePay are credited within 15 mins to 2 hours if you make the payment within the same bank or if your bank supports the instant payment. Bank deposits through GoPay are also available and GoPay supports more banks, so it can be your preferred choice for smaller CZK deposits.  

New deposit options on
New deposit options on

CZK bank withdrawals are also supported through ThePay and are processed within the same day and the speed of crediting to your bank account is depending on your bank. You can only make CZK withdrawals to bank accounts from which you have previously made a CZK bank deposit. If you don’t see your bank account number in the selection, please first make a small deposit and wait for it to complete. Your bank account will then become available for withdrawals.

Withdrawal option for CZK
Withdrawal option for CZK

Regarding the news in general, we are sure that you are already familiar with our news channel. But in the very improbable case that you’re not, we’d like to point it out for you: You can find there interesting news about the crypto world in general and some analyses of current bitcoin price movements and assumptions for future bitcoin and other crypto price development.

Last but not least, it’s time for some tips and tricks. We’d like to point out one tool that can help you sleep better during these times of high crypto volatility. You can set up stop-loss orders to protect your crypto assets against exchange rate dip, of course. But in case you are not a fan of automated trading, you can set up a price alert instead. Just navigate to account settings -> Price alerts menu and set them up. This way, Coinmate will send you an email every time the exchange rate shifts to the preset value. Using that, you don’t have to check the graphs rate so often. You can read more about our price alerts in our blog post.

Creating price alert on coimate
Creating price alert on coinmate

Useful, right? We hope you’ll find these advices handy, and that you’ll celebrate with us the day the CZK transactions will be fully functional again. 

Yours truly, ream