Detailed release announcement – COINMATE


Here we are again, as promised. Last week we released a new version of Coinmate, loaded with extra features. The announcement was positive, but not very detailed, so here is a follow-up with all the extra info you’d hopefully like to see.

Also, as always, I can tell you we are pretty excited about what we are presenting here. All based on the feedback we got from you. So please, keep it coming by staying in touch, future releases will be even more fitting to your needs and requirements.

Banking, remittance, almost instant transfers

You surely already know where we’re going with this, of course, it’s Ripple. Ripple is pretty big in the crypto world, with many adopters amongst large banks and other major institutions. Its usage for remittance purposes is also growing.

No wonder we got quite a few messages that you’d like to see it on Coinmate. So here we are, with the latest update, we added XRP/CZK, XRP/EUR and XRP/BTC trading pairs.

ripple logoMore trading features

Stop-loss, that was also one of the magic words in the feedback we got. And finally, we have good news for all those who asked about it. In the trade menu, you can find the standard Market and Limit Orders, alongside newly added feature: Limit + Stop orders.

Stop Loss funkce na
Stop Loss funkcion on

These allow you to set a buy or sell limit order and a stop-loss price. Stop price triggers a market order when the last traded price hits the Stop price that you specify. You can, for example, set the desired limit sell order above the current market price and a stop sell price below the current market price to limit potential losses in case the market moves against you. So for example, first make a buy, and then set a limit sell order for a higher price with a stop price using the Limit+Stop option.

If you didn’t get into trading by now, we think it’s high time you get more into it, with all the tools we armed you with.

And there is one extra weapon for large amount traders – Hidden orders. Hidden orders are not visible in the order book, however when other orders match with them, a trade will appear in Last trades. Hidden orders prevent other bidders from shifting the price unfavorably.

It is good to personalize your news about your favorite market

Don’t worry, we don’t want you to allow notifications, we prepared a nice neat new feature in the account settings menu. It is called Price alerts and does exactly what you think, but we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t throw in a little extra. You can receive an email notification every time your selected pair reaches a specific exchange rate.

Navigačí menu na coinmate

Useful, but boring, right? Well, we can also let you know when your chosen pair reaches a minimum or maximum over the past 14 days. Well that is exciting, isn’t it? That’s not all, there is also a ‘past 7 days’ spread alert. Sure, the first one is quite common, but the second and third functions are pretty unique, what do you think? But hold the applause, there’s more.

Example of price allerts on
Example of price alerts on

Automation is the key

We have also tinkered a little with our API, as you wanted some improvements there, here is the delivery. We are adding BUY/SELL TAKER type to public Trades Websocket, and also widening the API method there. We are adding the MAKER/TAKER fee value to private Trades Websocket channel.

And finally, we implemented immediate-or-cancel orders. The rest of such order is cancelled automatically in case it is only matched in part. So there will not be any orders holding your trading balance back, in case you’d use this tool of course.

API Services
API Services

Phew, those were the big things, are you ready for the little extras?

It is now possible to sort open orders, for example by trading pair. We wanted to make the interface a little bit more refined and user-friendly here. We also tweaked the interface a little bit here and there, to make it smoother, faster, and better looking.

So, what do you say? Did we do good? We’d love to hear all the feedback and new suggestions, so keep them coming. We’re happy to have you, hoping you’re enjoying this journey with us as much as we are.