I am registered but is it not possible to deposit or withdraw any funds.

Just yet, but you are just a few steps to get there. Please go to account settings – Verification menu and finish IDnow video verification. After that, your Coinmate account will be open for withdrawals and deposits.

But I can not open my account even though I signed in just a few minutes ago.

It is necessary to verify your email address first. Please click on the verification link we sent you and proceed with filling in your personal info and video verification.

In case you did not receive any email yet, please check your email spam filter settings and whitelist settings.

I am a verified user, but my account is not accessible even though I use the correct login and password.

That means your account is blocked because of many unsuccessful login attempts. If you are sure that these weren’t attempted by you, it is highly recommended to check your security settings thoroughly. Check your email security, change passwords, etc. There might have been a 3rd party login attempt.

In such cases, please contact us through SUPPORT FORM and we’ll guide you through a safe password reset procedure.

My 2FA login does not work

It certainly does, but please note that upon logging in from a different browser/device, the first 2FA code is sent to your email address (envelope symbol displayed in the 2FA input field). The second one is your regular 2FA from your mobile device.

I lost my phone and 2FA with it

No worries, you can reset it safely through “Don’t have your Google Authenticator?” button under the login 2FA input field. In case it does not work, please contact us through SUPPORT FORM and we’ll guide you through a safe 2FA reset procedure.

I can not withdraw any funds, my withdrawals are blocked

In such cases, please inspect your support messaging. We always let you know if and why we blocked your withdrawals. In most cases, it is a security feature after a password reset. We’ll need to verify your identity to unlock your withdrawals.

I just deposited funds, but I can not trade, my balance is still zero

Most probably, you just don’t have the right trading pair selected. In case you see the deposit as successful in Funds – History menu and you don’t see the money on your balance or trading screen, please switch to an appropriate trading pair. EUR balance is not accessible for CZK trading pairs and vice versa. To change the trading pair, please navigate to the upper right corner of the screen.

The transaction status says “pending” in Funds – History menu

In such cases, please check your support messages. Most probably, the transaction exceeded you FIAT transaction limits (there are no limits for crypto transactions or trading). In case your limits are exceeded, you can either wait for limit turnover or apply for higher limits in account settings – Verification menu.

I already applied for higher limits, but the limits are not raised yet.

Usually, we process the verification within 24 hours during workdays. In case your limits are not verified within that time period, your case is being handed to our compliance department that will contact you with an additional information request shortly.

Do the limits for FIAT transactions apply for a calendar month?

Both daily and monthly FIAT transaction limits are turnover ones. Meaning the limit considers 24 hours and 30 days of the transaction history.

Using QuickBuy or QuickSell option returns an error saying that the final price was higher.

Most probably, you entered a high amount of funds to sell or buy there. Please note that this functionality is designed to buy or sell the funds as fast as possible, consuming all the orders it can, to fill the order. Thus rendering the final exchange rate the less unfavourable the higher the order is. From such logic, QuickBuy and QuickSell are very well suited for small trades with an emphasis on the speed of the trade. If you want a stable exchange rate for your order, please use the Trade function instead. The same applies for large volume orders.