How our referral program works


Dear coinmates, we prepared another tutorial for you, today, we will take a closer look on referrals.

Firstly, to describe it for those of you that are not familiar with it, it is an affiliate program, referrals themselves are the concrete benefit you can receive from it. Still a little bit obscure, right? It is actually quite simple here.

We are more than happy for every new user, and you can help us with that, simply by recommending Coinmate to your friends, colleagues, business partners, or just placing a post on your social media feed or website. We are grateful for spreading the word of course, and therefore we let you collect 20% of fees generated by referred users who trade on for 6 months from their date of registration.

20% of fees generated on for 6 months

Well, that looks fun, right? And how is it done? You can find a “REFER FRIENDS” button in your Coinmate account settings. There you can find a simple URL link and banners. All these serve as a gateway for registration for accounts that are referred to your account. Anyone who registers through that link will generate profit for you when trading on Coinmate for upcoming 6 months. 

If you post it on Instagram, Facebook, or place a banner on your website, it does not matter. The important part if that the user registers through the affiliate link. Unfortunately, it is not possible to establish the referral additionally, after the new account is already registered. 

So what do you think? Pretty easy, right? It is worth to give it a try, as there is literally nothing to lose, just to gain.

Thank you for your attention, we’ll be back with more tips and tricks soon.