Instant CZK deposit with Air Bank and Moneta


Dear Coinmate users, 

there’s never enough good news, is there? And while we’re at it, today we have another one for you.

We’re trying to bring you the fastest possible deposits in CZK so you can react to price drops and grow your portfolio almost instantly. Up until now, some banks have not been as fast as others in terms of transaction speed and many of you have had to wait longer for a deposit to be credited to your Coinmate balance.

We are happy to announce that in cooperation with GoPay we have managed to reduce the waiting time for Air Bank and Moneta Money Bank users. Deposits processed through GoPay from these banks will be credited instantly instead of hours as before.

PSD2 payment type is also now available. It is a payment that is confirmed directly through your online or mobile banking and processed instantly. Very similar to the instant payments you’re already familiar with from using online credit cards.

We will be working on the remaining banks as well.

Stay tuned for more good news.