New feature: Sub-accounts


We will be deploying a new release tonight that includes a new feature: Sub-accounts. What are sub-accounts good for?

Dream Account on
Dream Account on

You can split your account balances onto sub-accounts for example to:

  • Track different trading strategies and their success
  • Deploy trading robots on separate sub-accounts for multiple strategies or trading pairs
  • Create separate sub-accounts for ATMs (bitcoinmats)
  • Use multiple sub-accounts as separate business accounts under one verification
Transfer between sub-accounts
Transfer between sub-accounts

Sub-accounts will allow you to transfer funds within your user account freely, make deposits and withdrawals directly from sub-accounts and to generate separate API keys per sub-account with different rights (for example to mitigate risks).

Each sub-account will have its own transaction history and balances. There will also be a new feature showing the total value of your account in Euros and its progress in time (coming soon in the following release).