New release announcement!



Dearest clients, it is time for confetti and champagne! We are celebrating new Coinmate release and hoping you’ll be happy to join. We have quite a lot of new features for you, so consider this article as a sheer cheer-up, a more detailed text is already being prepared. We will describe it all in a much more complex way, but for now, let’s toast to the news we have for you.

Another trading pair addition, really, that fast after ETH
Recently we added Ethereum on behalf of many requests from you all. Now Ripple joins the club. The most interesting currency for remittance and banking, dozens of banks and big institutions already implemented Ripple and we don’t want you to be left behind. So there we go, your trading options are a bit wider again.

We like to listen to you, and you said: “stop – loss”
Many of you called for stop-loss orders, so we spat in our hands and got to work. Finally, we have these for you, but as we love to do a little more every time, we didn’t stop there. Instead, also hidden orders were added. You can now place large volume orders as invisible to the market, meaning you’ll not shift the price unfavorably. Nice feat, don’t you think?

And on top of all that, we also prepared individual price alerts
Price alerts were added to the account settings menu. You can set up the exact exchange rate that we should let you know about, but also, and that is the most interesting, you can tell us to send you an email when some of the pairs reaches desired spread. That is again something we weren’t asked about but thought that it can make your day. And of course, also make your Coinmate experience better.

We hope that you’ll agree on the confetti and champagne here, we did a piece of work again. As announced, the more formal and detailed text is being prepared, so if you want to take a deeper tour, stay tuned, next article coming soon.