New release! New homepage! New features!


Dearest Coinmates!

Quick question for you. How was your last stay at a hotel, either for business or pleasure? If you don’t remember, it must have gone as smoothly as you’d expect. Checking in and out was simple, and everything went off without a hitch. But behind that simplicity, there was lots of talented people hard at work to make everything flow.

We strive to do the same here, tirelessly working to bring you a service that’s a pleasure to use and effortless to handle. And when anyone complains, we listen with both ears. Which bring us exactly here, to our 18th Coinmate update. So, what’s new, this time around? Our hotel is staying at the same address of course, but we polished the silverware again and added some new services. 

Nicer homepage? As if the last one wasn’t perfect already!

As you’ll notice at first glance, the homepage has been redesigned, we hope you like it! We didn’t just change the image itself, we made sure to redesign it to make sure it aligned with new functions and updated menus.

NEW coinmate homepage
NEW Coinmate homepage

New sub-account functionality

We hope you like our sub-accounts already, but to make the functionality even fancier, we’re adding the possibility to view the value of your portfolio over time, to display it as a graph in 7, 14, 30-day periods. This will give you an even better overview without the need to use an API. Just to let you know, these will start counting from the first day of the release, so the first graph will be visible after a week and so on.

You also requested the possibility to rename or delete sub-accounts, and as always, we listened. Now you can edit sub-account settings too.

Total value of portfolio displayed on demo account on Coinmate
Total value of portfolio displayed on demo account on Coinmate

POST_ONLY order, yeah! You want it, we got it!

You requested it a lot, so from now on, you can use POST_ONLY limit order in both our API, and in tradeview. And if you don’t know what this is for, let there be no doubt that this is a really useful feature. It is quite easy to place an order that is marketed immediately resulting in a higher taker fee. If you want to ensure your order will be maker instead of taker, just use POST_ONLY. If there is a current counter-order on the market, the order won’t be placed. Pretty neat, right?

Our order history was not detailed enough? Now it is.

All the operations will be displayed now, even the canceled or partially filled orders, as always, you asked, we listened.

view of post_only option on coinmate
view of post_only option on Coinmate

2FA login

You wrote to us that whilst 2FA is good for withdrawals you’d like to see it expanded across the platform. So here we are, activating the option to set it up for login too. And we’ll be adding more 2FA option in the near future. No spoilers though, we want to surprise you next time too.

So, what do you say? We’re sure there must be more things on your wishlist, keep them coming!