Top Ten Bitcoin Traders share $350 in May


We are glad to announce that we have rewarded our top 10 traders. The total amount of our May giveaway was $350. Want to be in with a chance of sharing in Q3’s fees? Sign up today! is the first and only Bitcoin trading portal that rewards clients with a share of collected trading fees. The higher the trading volumes, the higher the share is.

Rank Nickname Total Reward Total Volume
1. Coinmate_LQ 70.00 USD 580.44 BTC
2. STL 49.00 USD 165.72 BTC
3. Clinton 35.00 USD 88.29 BTC
4. CoinMate_1293 28.00 USD 83.86 BTC
5. CoinMate_1156 28.00 USD 62.64 BTC
6. generalbytes 28.00 USD 60.37 BTC
7. CoinMate_1119 28.00 USD 57.42 BTC
8. CoinMate_2537 28.00 USD 45.51 BTC
9. CoinMate_1232 28.00 USD 32.39 BTC
10. SimpleCoin 28.00 USD 32.19 BTC

Our top trader receives 20% share of collected trading fees, 2nd 14%, 3rd 10%, and 4th – 10th 8% each.

Please note, reward will be paid quarterly from now we reserve the right to share only partial of trading fees. Top ten Bitcoin traders can expect their next reward in August 2015 for the period from June-September. We reserve the right to alter the terms or cancel this promotion at any time. We will announce further information during Q3 2015.

Your CoinMate Team.