How to secure your account with 2FA


We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your crypto safe! The best way is to keep your crypto on a hardware wallet like Trezor. If you need to have crypto on Coinmate because you are a daily trader or you have a trading bot connected using our API you can still take some steps to make it as secure as possible. We will go through all those steps!

1. Check URL

Always check the URL. There are and probably always will be scams trying to impersonate Coinmate. They duplicate our design and do just a slight change to the URL like coin-mate, coinmąte or cöinmate. They will even ask you for your 2FA! You can avoid being exposed to scammers by saving Coinmates website into your favourite bookmarks or by typing Coinmates URL directly into your browser.

2. Secure email provider

Some email providers use their own security measures to protect your email account. For example, if you log from a new location, they will need another verification. It might by verification using another already logged in device or sending you SMS code. We recommend using Google or Proton.

3. Strong password

This might go without saying, but using “Password1234” as your real password just isn’t safe. Use something more sophisticated and definitely use different password then password to your email! You can even use a password generator from some of the password manager apps like LastPass.

4. Use 2FA for login and withdrawals.

Using two-factor authentication (2FA) is like using another password which changes each 30s. The first thing you need to do is to download Google Authenticator. Then log in Coinmate, go to Security and set the Two-Factor authentication type to Google Authenticator. You will see a QR code which you simply scan with the Google Authenticator app in your mobile phone, and then you will write a generated code from there to Coinmate. It’s that simple.

Another option is to use Trezor as your authentication device. 

5. Logout

Are you done with trading for today? Remember to logout when leaving your computer unattended. This can help you protect your funds in public places.

It’s better to take an extra security step than losing your funds! Be safe!