Track your withdrawals with Blockchair

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We are always trying to improve our service. That’s why we are adding new features in almost every new release. This time we partnered with Blockchair to give you the option to watch your crypto withdrawal from our exchange.

We know how many scams and non-trustworthy projects regarding crypto are out there. We wanted you to feel safer. That’s why you can track your withdrawals through Blockchair now. 

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New release! New homepage! New features!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dearest Coinmates!

Quick question for you. How was your last stay at a hotel, either for business or pleasure? If you don’t remember, it must have gone as smoothly as you’d expect. Checking in and out was simple, and everything went off without a hitch. But behind that simplicity, there was lots of talented people hard at work to make everything flow.

We strive to do the same here, tirelessly working to bring you a service that’s a pleasure to use and effortless to handle. And when anyone complains, we listen with both ears. Which bring us exactly here, to our 18th Coinmate update. So, what’s new, this time around? Our hotel is staying at the same address of course, but we polished the silverware again and added some new services.  Continue reading “New release! New homepage! New features!”

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