The basics of secure trading


Hello there, hope you’ve been all well and enjoyed the time with our latest articles. We showed you how to get around Coinmate a bit, also how to trade and deposit funds. Now that your Coinmate balance is positive, it is the best time to talk a little bit about how to keep your money safe here.

Since we implement very tight verification policy and we strive to check all the sensitive operations by our staff, not algorithms, we managed to create a pretty safe environment so far. But as you can guess, there are few things we need you to do too, to keep your account secure. It is all about a few basic things to keep in mind.

Talking security on

Don’t use weak or the same passwords for sensitive accounts

It is advised not to use the same password for important servers, so we hope your Coinmate password is unique. A strong password is at least 8 characters long and contains both lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, and special symbols like comas, etc. It may seem as pretty obvious, but you’d wonder how many users on the net does not implement these basics in their routine.

Choose email provider wisely

It is good to work with the best, right? Regarding email servers, it is highly recommended to use those, that implement highest security standards rendering your mailbox out of reach to hackers.

Generally, we can recommend Gmail as one of the most popular ones, if you want to go one step further in terms of anonymity, Protonmail is a great provider. Both are free of charge and very reliable ones.

Choosing a weakly protected email address could result in its overtaking by a hacker, which can then reset the password on sites attached to the email, please be very careful about such possible vulnerability.

Secure your Coinmate account

What applies to your email password, also applies to Coinmate. It should be a unique, long and complicated one. But for the eventuality of anyone breaking in, you can set-up an extra security measure.

Two factor authentication on
Two factor authentication on

In account settings – Security menu, you can find and activate Google 2FA authenticator that secures your withdrawals. With that in place, it is almost impossible to steal your funds even if the attacker gets access to your email box or Coinmate account.

Keep security in mind

These are the basics of course, there is a lot of other ways you can stay safer on the internet nowadays. But taking just these few hints in consideration is the minimum to keep your money safe on Coinmate. And of course, we are always on the watch on our side.