FIAT payment options re-establishment

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Dear Coinmates,

We’re back today with some good news!

At the end of May, or possibly the beginning of June, we’re planning on re-introducing EUR deposits and withdrawals. We just need to sit down with our banking partner to fine-tune the automated payment process. As you can imagine, putting something like this in place requires rigorous testing. For that reason, we’re expecting to have everything ready to roll out in approximately three weeks.

Some of you might be wondering about CZK deposit and withdrawal options. We’ve been hard at work on that since day one but unfortunately the regulatory environment is quite complicated at the moment and the COVID-19 situation is not making it any simpler. We are working on a solution to bring this functionality back to you but in contrast to EUR processing, this seems to be a rather long-term endeavour. 

Stay tuned for more news to come, as we’ll be announcing the new EUR deposit and withdrawal options soon.

For those of you who are wondering why our accounts at Fio bank have been closed, it’s important to mention that Coinmate was one of the last crypto companies with operational accounts at the bank. Unfortunately, as the overall mood shifted towards “very crypto-unfriendly,” we have also been rejected despite our AML processes matching all the legal requirements. We’re hopeful that we can quickly find a suitable substitute for CZK processing.

Thank you for your support.

Yours truly, the Team 


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