How to deposit and withdraw bitcoin

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Once you have registered with, you can immediately begin to deposit bitcoin onto your account, and trade this on the exchange. Depositing bitcoin is straightforward, and funds will be available on your account after two confirmations. The exchange does not charge for bitcoin deposits or withdrawals. The minimum deposit and withdrawal for bitcoin is 0.001btc.

Deposit bitcoin onto your exchange
Deposit bitcoin onto your exchange

To deposit bitcoin, go to the Finance page and click on deposit. You will be given a unique bitcoin address. You can generate a new address every 24 hours. Go into your bitcoin wallet, and enter the amount of bitcoins you would like to deposit, and enter in the bitcoin address. Once this is submitted to the network, it will automatically be credited to your account once the transaction has been confirmed twice. You can then begin to trade your bitcoin on your account.

Simply and quickly withdraw bitcoins from your account
Simply and quickly withdraw bitcoins from your account

To withdraw bitcoin, go to the Finance page and click withdraw. Here you can enter a bitcoin address for your wallet, and the amount of bitcoin you would like to withdraw. You will then either be sent a code by email to confirm your withdrawal, or enter in your Google Authenticator code. Once this is done, within a minute, the withdrawal will be processed, and you will have the bitcoins transferred to your wallet.

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