Tell your grandpa about crypto

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Well, we already have quite a few how-to articles and tutorials on our blog. It is the best time to stop explaining where to click and what to secure first, but to loosen the official tone a little bit. And maybe, to bring something to the general discussion. Or, at least, outlay a few interesting ideas. So, let’s get into some less official stuff in upcoming texts.

Even the Simpsons tried to explain crypto

Crypto is a big thing already, no doubt, but there are still so many people denying its existence as if it doesn’t have a chance to become the next big thing which it already is. It always reminds me of some random wrinkled comical figure saying: you with your fancy calculators! We had to use logarithmic rulers to do complex equations. And it is valid in some kind of way. In early NASA days, fast calculations were processed on these instruments by multiple people and the most common result taken as correct.

Yeah, rocket science. But nowadays, we have so much computing power that we can process Large Hadron Collider detector outputs, or put together 5 petabytes of space observatory data to generate an image of a black hole. And between all that, we can use this marvel of technology to hash transactions, creating countless blockchains on which we store our cryptocurrency transaction data. All this possible for just a couple last years and gradually better and faster.

As abstract as it may seem, we all already use bits and pieces of this technology in our everyday life. So what is the answer to this imaginary grandpa? That we actually can’t ditch the calculators, it all got so complex that we simply can not compete without the use of this technology. And after all, he uses it as well in other applications, starting with digital TV and ending with smart vacuum cleaner. So, where is the important piece of the puzzle that is missing, for most people, to recognize crypto as a regular part of everyday life? It is just the mindset. All the necessary skills are at use already, we all use computers and smartphones daily. We already pay online or use our phones instead of credit cards. So the final step to crypto is not that big, or actually close to nothing.

And as many first-hand downturns there can be, the partial anonymity, financial freedom, and investment opportunities can be interesting for everyone. Not to mention that being your own bank is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Its volatility is erased by stablecoins, you can use many payment platforms to use crypto for your daily errands or buying a car or a house. It already got into almost every financial sector. And we all that deal daily with it still should spread the word. Cause, after all, sharing the knowledge was at the beginning of it all and there is still a lot of people in doubt, or actually avoiding this exciting world. Even though they already have all the tools to get started right away.

So what do you think? Did I hit the topic, or missed it big time? Let us know! And I hope you enjoyed it a bit. In the next text, we are going to look a little in crypto use cases.

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