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Cryptocurrencies can change our world more than the internet. We're still at the very beginning, like the internet in the '90s. Who wouldn't want to buy stocks like Google, Amazon or Apple for a fraction of today's prices? We offer an easy and secure way to get a share of this unique investment opportunity.

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We are a crypto exchange based in the Czech Republic. Our supported fiat currencies are EUR and CZK. Transfers are fast and easy, and you save on conversion fees.

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Crypto is complicated, but we have simplified everything. Anyone who is able to send a wire transfer can invest in cryptocurrencies with us.

Fair prices

We offer competitive fees for transactions and card payments in the European market and strive to be the best place for purchasing cryptocurrencies in CZK and EUR.

Trusted since 2014

We are based in Prague, comply with European laws, and adhere to strict regulations to protect our client’s assets. Since 2014, we have processed over 1.7 billion euros in transactions.

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Martin N.

Martin N.


For me, the most important thing is good support. When something goes wrong, I want support that responds to my emails.

Peter S.

Peter S.

UX designer

When my friends ask me the easiest way to buy bitcoin, I send them to Coinmate. Registration is quick, and buying is as easy as pressing a button.

Clara V.

Clara V.

HR manager

I trust Coinmate because they are local and have some history. I would not trust some company registered on a Caribbean island.

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